A Night in Naples : Wine Tasting, Houston Mascalzone

A Night in Naples : Wine Tasting, Houston Mascalzone

Last Thursday Mascalzone, Houston, hosted an Evening of Wine Tasting hosted by Antonio Pepe of the Bellaria Winery.

Antonio Pepe is CEO of the world renowned Bellaria Winery situated in Roccabascerana, Southern Italy and we are very proud to have brought one of Southern Italy’s “rising stars” to Texas to share his wealth of knowledge!

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Here is a list of the outstanding wines that we had on the menu, complete with a bit of info that we picked up about each one from Antonio Pepe himself:

Falanghina DOC 2015

The Falanghina grape comes from the Sannio appellation. The name is derived from falangae, which is a Latin term for supporting stakes. The Falanghina Doc 2015 is based on an ancient recipe for wine making from the Maffei family that founded the Bellaria Winery.

Locals to Roccabascerana believe that the Falanghina grape formed the basis to the legendary Falernian wine, the most prized wine of ancient Rome because of its unique flavour and fragrance.

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Tasting Notes

The Falaghina Doc 2015 has a pale lemon-green color alongside aromas of ripe pineapples and citrus fruits complemented by undertones of white flowers.  On the palate, zesty acidity and persistent notes of honeysuckle and toasted almond.

Find out more about Falanghina Doc 2015

Greco di Tufo DOCG 2014

The Greco di Tufo wine making recipe is also steeped in ancient tradition. Believed to have been first brought to the province of Avellino in the first century BC by Pelasgians from Thessaly, Greece.

The Bellaria Winery’s Greco di Tufo is produced using stainless steel tanks and a classic vinification process at controlled temperatures. The wine’s ageing potential can be up to 20 years and is refined from the start as it is left for at least one month in the bottle before opening.

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Tasting Notes

The Greco di Tufo has a straw yellow colour. It contains a wide array of aromas including hints of chamomile, pear, ripe fruits and dried fruits. On the palate the wine tastes fresh, mineral, structured and persistent. Best served at 12-14 °C.

Find out more about Greco di Tufo

Aglianico Rafe I.G.P. 2012

The Aglianico is a popular red wine with a bright ruby red tint thanks to a 6 month long production process in French and American oak barrels. The grape is produced in ancient vineyards in Aglianco in the Taurasi region of Campania, Southern Italy.

As the wine ages its aroma increases in intensity and it’s color acquires a rich orangey lilt. The Bellaria winery ferment the wine in stainless steel vats that provide a luxurious and full bodied flavour.

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Tasting Notes

The Aglianico Rafe IGP presents a harmonious flavour. Accompanied with a fruity scent, hints of cherries and violet, alongside a substantial aftertaste. The wine has a spicy aroma punctuated by vanilla and cinnamon. It is an ideal accompaniment to seasoned cheeses or red meat 18°C.

Find out more about Aglianico Rafe IGP

Taurasi DOCG 2009

Like other wines on the tasting menu the Taurasi originates from ancient Greek and Roman traditional recipes. The Aglianico grape is produced in the countryside around Montefalcone in the province of Avellino, one of the only areas that has been approved to cultivate it.

The unusual nature of Taurasi wine arises from factors unique to its region of cultivation. Namely the soil and weather conditions and the location of the vineyards on the hills of Irpinia, all of which are between 500 and 600 metres high.

The Taurasi is refined for 12 months in wooden barrels. Its familiar and distinctive flavour is the result of a variety of organoleptic processing techniques.

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Tasting Notes

The Taurasi boasts an intense and fruit filled taste, complemented with hints of vanilla, chocolate and liquorice. It’s colour usually is a ruby red with slight orangey tinge which, like the Aglianico, intensifies over time. It provides a tasty accompaniment to game and seasoned cheese courses as well as fatty and red meat. Ideal served at 16-18°C.

Find out more about Taurasi DOC 2009

Wine Tasting, Houston Mascalzone

Our thanks go out to Antonio Pepe for such an informative evening and to all who attended and contributed to such a fun and interesting evening!

Below our some more images from last Thursday’s event:


We look forward to hosting more Wine Tasting Events at Mascalzone Houston and our other locations in the UK.


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The Houston location of Mascalzone has been open for around 4 years now and is part of a chain of restaurants that belong to the Magi family from Pesaro, Italy.

Andrea Magi is a former Olympic Boxer for Italy. Along with competitive boxing, Andrea’s knowledge of food and wine is “…in his bones…”

All of the Mascalzone locations contain an authentic Italian atmosphere. Along with regular Wine and Food Tasting events Mascalzone also plays host to Live Jazz Music.

For more information all events at Mascalzone Italian Restaurant check out our events page.

Author: Toto Mascalzone

Toto Mascalzone is event and marketing manager at Mascalzone restaurant. He is an Italian wine writer and educator, blogger, and food and wine enthusiast currently living in London. He is author of the wine and lifestyle blog, and was a co-editor, together with Italian wine writer a blog devoted to news from the world of Italian wine.

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