“Tour of Italy” – Celebrate Our 4 Year Anniversary at Mascalzone Houston

“Tour of Italy” – Celebrate  Our 4 Year Anniversary at Mascalzone Houston

It’s hard to believe it but – Mascalzone Houston is four years old. The time has flown by since the restaurant first opened its doors.

Now we are throwing a party to celebrate!


The Mascalzone restaurant chain was founded by former Olympic Boxer Andrea Magi. The Magi family from Pesaro, Italy, run the business.

Following on from the success of their branches in London, the Houston Restaurant was opened 4 years ago this month.

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“I chose Houston for Mascalzone’s first U.S. location because of its vibrant, growing international community and adventurous palates. I’m excited to bring old and new favorite Italian dishes to the community and offer an experience that is 100 percent Italian and 100 percent unique.”Andrea Magi

Now the Magi family and all of the team at Mascalzone cordially invite you to come and celebrate our 4 Year Anniversary with us, on August 28th!


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Previous wine tasting events at Mascalzone have been a big success. Regular attendees at the restaurant along with plenty of new faces have made each wine evening tremendous fun and plenty of fantastic wine has been tasted!

In June Mascalzone hosted “A Night In Naples” with Wines from the Bellaria Winery and last month saw our first Wine and Chocolate pairing evening!

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It seems Houston has been experiencing something of a wine and food revolution over the past four or five years. Many Houstonians have been displaying a genuine enthusiasm to sample what’s on offer in the city’s thriving restaurant night life.

That’s why Mascalzone are keen to keep up their contribution to the local scene and help bring some of the finest Food and Wines from Italy to the Houston dining table!


This month’s Wine Tasting Event promises to be one of our biggest to date to coincide with Mascalzone’s 4 Year Anniversary.

We are proud to partner with our suppliers to present a Wine and Olive Tasting Evening on August 28th from 6pm.

Wine will be supplied by the Alarich Wine Distributors and Impero Wine Distributors with Artisan Olive Oil from Entimio.


Alarich wines offer wines from the Piemonte and Campania regions of Italy, such as Barolo, Barbera d’Alba, Greco di Tufo and the Fiana di Avellino.

wine and chocolate tasting event at houston mascalzone
Last month Alarich Wines were at Mascalzone for a Wine and Chocolate Pairing Evening

The company are proud to import fine wines from small, boutique vineyards primarily in
Italy and California. They have been working with restaurants and businesses in Houston since 2012.
They present a consistently evolving catalogue thanks to their passion for wine and appetite for seeking out new recipes.


Impero Wines was founded by Enzo Papi and Amineh Pakravan in 1973. The pair purchased an area of land close to the medieval town of Riparbella in the province of Pisa in Tuscany.

With spectacular views over the Ligurian Sea, the old farmhouse was in ruins and the land was wasted scrubland.

impero wines at mascalzone wine tasting houston
A selection of wines from Impero will be available for tasting at Mascalzone, Houston

Nonetheless, the conditions for cultivating grapes were ideal. Riparbella has a micro-climate that is dominated by sunshine and a light breeze from the Mediterranean. There is a diverse and complex ground soil brimming full of minerals. The land is made up of gentle, well-exposed slopes.

At the winery all grapes are hand-picked. In accordance with ancient recipes each yield is harvested and processed separately. Then it is assembled after a passage in oak to obtain the best expression of each vintage. Modern wine making methods are incorporated ot enhance the traditional processes.


Entimio is an artisan bespoke Olive Oil Distributor with an emphasis on people, terroir and excellence

They provide the link between Marketing and Olive Oil production, allowing their Olive Oil Producers to focus on crafting small, unique batches of artisan Olive Oil.

The result is a truly authentic Olive Oil experience!

entimio olive oil at mascalzone wine and olive oil tasting evening
Mascalzone Wine and Olive Oil Tasting Evening will feature Olive Oils supplied by Entimio

All Olive Oils are bottled at the oil producer’s estate. Entemio are with them every step of the way to ensure that the highest quality standards are met. Each batch of Olive Oil is tested before and after bottling to make ensure that only the very best gets sent out to their customers.

Tour of Italy - Mascalzone, Houston 4 Year Anniversary - Wine and Olive Tasting

Interested In ATTENDING OUR ANNIVERSARY Party at Mascalzone?

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Events at Mascalzone Houston

Mascalzone regularly host Wine Tasting Evenings at their Houston location.

The restaurant already boasts diverse selection of Italian Wines. Each one is carefully selected to compliment the dishes on the menu.

With so many Wine enthusiasts among the Houston clientele, Wine Tasting Events at Mascalzone are always well subscribed. For more information about Wine Tasting and Live Music nights at Houston Mascalzone please check here.


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Author: Toto Mascalzone

Toto Mascalzone is event and marketing manager at Mascalzone restaurant. He is an Italian wine writer and educator, blogger, and food and wine enthusiast currently living in London. He is author of the wine and lifestyle blog, and was a co-editor, together with Italian wine writer a blog devoted to news from the world of Italian wine.

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